Revitalizing Mind and Body

Summer is here! And it’s a great time for growth and rebirth. While we all plan to reduce the clutter in our homes, it’s also a great time to spring clean and declutter our minds and bodies as well. Our bodies are marvelous mechanisms that are so in tuned with nature, so as the seasons change, so should our foods and practices.

Mental Rejuvenation
Are you holding onto any limiting beliefs, traumas or memories that no longer serve your higher self? Are your current thought patterns driving positive or negative results and behaviors in your life? If it’s the latter, now is the perfect time to reflect and expand your personal awareness. It is during this time of self-reflection that we can quiet the mind enough to identify our fears, feelings of resentment and victimization and even depression. Here are some tips to kick start your spring mental detox.

Tip #1: Step into nature and bask in the sun.
Tip #2: Journal your feelings.
Tips #3: Practice positive affirmations daily.

Physical Renovations
Tip #1: Drink your vegetables by juicing.
Tip #2: Exercise!
Tip #3: Evaluate your current stress management.

Summer is a time of both physical and mental rejuvenation. Renewing ourselves from the inside out can create lasting improvements in our life and in the life of those around us.