Prevention is 100% better than treatment of disease once it's reared its ugly head. It's about what you choose to put into your body, how you deal with stress, elect to exercise, and optimize rest and sleep.

Board Certified in Internal medicine, Integrative medicine, Nephrology (Kidney Disease) and Hypertension, “Dr. Kathy” has been practicing since 1989. She serves as principal practitioner of Dr. Kathy Health in Boardman, Ohio.

Dr. Kathy, a graduate of the Dr. Andrew Weil Integrative Medicine Fellowship through the University of Arizona, is an outspoken champion of the integration of traditional medicine with plant based, nutrition and botanical therapy. Through her years of practice, research, and lecturing, she has witnessed the formidable results of disease prevention through nutrition and lifestyle change rather than post-disease treatment and care.

"Dear Friend...

My mission is to share positive natural, nutritional strategies to outsmart disease and illness through lifestyle change. I make myself available for lectures, interviews and roundtable discussions. Most important, however, I'm available to you and your family through Dr. Kathy Health. Whether a one- or two-meeting analysis session or an ongoing commitment to partnering for real life change, I'm here when you need me.

The foundation for positive and powerful life change is built upon a relationship of trust, sensitivity, learning and solid habit formation. I hope you'll contact me so we can begin planning a healthier, happier, longer and more fulfilled future for you!"

Let's partner - the best days of your life should lie ahead!